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About us

Do you want your child to be successful?


How are you investing in your kids? 

Wellness Mentors is an independent company committed to the quality and well-being of children & families. Wellness Mentors is made up of a diverse team of individuals (Bachelors, Masters, BCBA and PhD credentials). 

What do we do?


We provide private in-home services for families, per their needs and goals. Wellness Mentors builds successful and independent children by eradicating counterproductive behaviors, and encouraging positive lifestyles. 

  • Behavior modification (utilizing individualized client-specific behavior programs)
  • Inattention
  • Academics 
  • Emotional intelligence and regulation skill building
  • Fostering of familial relationships/dynamics
  • Social inclusion
  • Independence skill building
  • Anxiety 
  • Indolence
  • Parent coaching (positive psych models, reinforcement systems, contingencies, response efficacy, etc.)

Once a mentor is assigned to your child, we then begin the journey to growth and development. 

How do we do this?


     We motivate! 

Our team motivates clients by setting goals and providing feedback & accountability. 

In-home mentors will identify and acknowledge the strengths that already exist within child, and start there. Parents and children then determine what their goals and needs are, and we put it all together! We maximize potential through accountability and self-awareness. Our mentors provide various tools to help each client reach awareness of their own capabilities and capacity for problem-solving as well as goal achievement (unique per individual). 

Given your goals and needs, we will create a unique program and routine to effortlessly coincide with your family's schedule. The mentor will assist both child and parent(s) through each season of life, closely addressing presenting concerns. 

"Our girl started the year as an average student with low self-confidence. 

She now has straight A's and a true sense of presence. 

She is the version of herself we had always hoped to see." 


Get a private in-home mentor, it's a game changer!

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Hours & location

Wellness Mentors offers private in-home services to families. Consultations can be conducted at the home or location of the client's request. 

We cover CT and NY regions. 

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