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We provide guidance and support to children and families.

About us

Who are we?

      Wellness Mentors is a small, independent practice. Wellness Mentors LLC consists of a small, collaborative team committed to helping children and families. 

What do we do?

     Using a humanistic approach, we provide education based, in-home services. Our goal is to enhance the client’s ability to achieve: developmentally appropriate tasks, positive self-esteem, mastery, well-being, and social inclusion. Once the client's needs and goals have been determined, Wellness Mentors creates a client-specific program. The client's program will target and address a wide spectrum of concepts; such as emotional intelligence. 

     Wellness Mentors' humanistic approach has proven effectiveness, the ability to produce measurable changes in behaviors and symptoms, and is always person- and family- centered. Our services improve symptoms of mental illness, educate, promote mental health, develop awareness, help with early identification, treatment, crisis response, and support. We also provide support, training, counseling, and advocacy for parents. 

How do we do this?

     We motivate! We motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. Wellness Mentors educate each of our clients on strategies to better manage stressors, transitions, life changes, and uncomfortable thoughts or behaviors. We help clients manage mental and emotional symptoms better, and function at their very best, in everyday life. 

     An in-home Mentor will identify a client’s counterproductive thinking patterns, emotional tolerance, recognize and change any inaccurate beliefs (irrational perspectives), help them relate to others in more positive ways, and ultimately modify the client’s behaviors accordingly. 

We guide you. We build you. We support you. 

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